Cornflower (Cyanus segetum Hill) is a herbaceous plant of the Asteraceae family. Very often a weed in cereal fields, this species is one of the messicole plants that are becoming increasingly rare. It is sometimes called Audifoin, Barbeau, Blavelle, Cornflower, Casse-lunettes, Cornflower or Fleur de Zacharie.

6421 - Cyanus Segetum Hill

6421 – Cyanus Segetum

A Sublimation printing, very high quality glossy finish.
Support used to highlight images
in bright colors.

Wall decoration technical details

Size (cm) Price (CHF)
40×30 100.-
60×40 270.-
90×60 480.-
-10% from 3 pieces, -20% from 5 and -30% from 8