Wall Decorations

All photos are offered in table form, unframed, with mounting on the back. Two types of printing are available (see below), so as to highlight a very colorful photo (by sublimation) or if it is in black & white (High quality UV). In both cases, the tables are very light and easy to handle.

Mockup salon, Photo: 3437 - OVNI



Sublimation printing, very high quality glossy finish.
Will be chosen to highlight colorful images.

Epaisseur Alu

This printing, by sublimation, in high resolution, brings brilliant colors for a first quality rendering.

Your table is printed in high resolution on an ultra-thin metal plate (1.1 mm aluminum). The high-end printing process, as well as the special surface, allow to give precise details, brilliant colors and an exceptional brilliance.

A manufacturing method that gives the painting a particularly solid surface that resists sun, dirt and even humidity.

Fixation HD Metal détail

Peripheral aluminum rails on the back create a distance between the metal plate and the wall. The painting therefore casts a shadow on the wall, which gives the impression that it is floating.

Size (cm) Price (CHF)
30×20 100.-
60×40 270.-
90×60 480.-
-10% from 3 pieces, -20% from 5 et -30% from 8


Black & White

High quality UV printing, matte finish with a slight grain. This support will be used to sublimate black and white images.
Epaisseur Alu

This high quality UV print is made on a very light 3mm thick aluminum composite plate.

The surface of this support gives a very aesthetic rendering with a slight grain on a matte surface.

This process gives a design and modern touch to the painting and to the room in which it will be placed.

Fixation Alu détail

Delivered with a wall bracket, this plate is characterized by its low weight as well as its great robustness. It is therefore easy to lift and hang.

Size (cm) Price (CHF)
30×20 80.-
60×40 190.-
90×60 280.-
-10% from 3 pieces, -20% from 5 et -30% from 8

Note that larger sizes are not available for all photos. You can check the availability of larger sizes on the photo page itself.